Types of Marble we design and install:

We are dedicated to offering the most extensive selection of quality, material and level of services for your kitchen, bathroom, floors and more.

Our expertise for years of experiences will guide you through the entire process from fabrications to final installation. Each of our projects are treated individually and guaranteed to be made to your specifications and preference.

Marble and Granite are great additions to your kitchen look and the overall architectural feel of your cooking/eating area. The most beautiful and functional way to include natural stone in your home is with kitchen countertops made of real granite and/or marble. A granite or marble kitchen countertop is today’s premier use of natural stone in residential applications. It combines the homeowner’s need for the aestheticism and symbolism of natural stone with the ease of care and maintenance. Our granite and marble kitchen countertops have been the foundation upon which we have built our reputation.

Another beautiful way to incorporate marble and granite in your home is in the bathroom. Marble has been the traditional stone choice for bathrooms for years, offering a distinguished elegance that is timeless. Today, granite is also popular choices for bath vanities, tub surrounds, showers and flooring. The numerous options available allow you to custom design your bath limited only by your imagination.

We also offer other marble & granite services for steps/stairs, thresholds, flooring and backsplashes. Like any of the other services listed above, adding marble & granite to these areas adds value to your home or other space and a distinctive styling that is unique and special.

Finishing the look of your outside barbeque counter top can be done excellently by using either marble or granite counter tops. The sleek and smooth look of both turns an ordinary area into a classy and enjoyable space.

A beautiful Jacuzzi or Bathtub surrounded by your choice of marble or granite can complete the look of your bathroom and look excellent! Choose from many colors to find the right one for your uniquely designed relaxation area! Granite or Marble in your Jacuzzi or bathtub area offers a distinctive stylishness that is ageless.

We can create the following for you:

  • Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Bathroom Counter Tops and Showers
  • Jacuzzis and Bathtubs
  • Barbeque Counter Tops
  • Steps, Stairs, Thresholds ad Backsplashes